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Brisk spark plugs powered the Worlds's first (ecoboost type plug) 5.0 Coyote Mustang into 9 sec. range (RR14S), 8 sec. range (RR12S), 7 sec. range (RR10S), and 6 sec. range (RR08S)!!!

Brisk Racing News
New Brisk Spark Plugs for 2011 Mustang GT
Justin Burchang: Breaking Barriers isn't Magic nor is it Easy
2013 Mustang GT 5.0l - 8.46@163MPH - Wins NMRA 5.0 Shootout
In Car Camera - Worlds Fastest 5.0 TiVCT 2011-2014 Mustang GT

Currently powers the fastest V6 turbo Mustang (RR14S & RR12S)
-Limitless Performance
Wold's fastest naturally aspirated 5.0 coyote Mustang by JPC (Justin's Performance Center)

JPC First N/A 2011 Mustang GT in the 9's
JPC Racing Facebook Posts
SVT Performance forum posts on Brisk Spark Plugs

Working with JPC since 2004, had several World's fastest Mustangs all running Brisk plugs

StreetFire Video 05 Mustang GT
JPC On Pinks From 2006 Maryland International Raceway
My First Impressions custom tune from LaMotta Performance

Dynotest of Brisk RR14YS (one step colder plugs on Ecoboost)

Brisk Racing Spark Plug Facebook photos

12 times King of the Street Champion runs on Brisk RR14S in his Twin Turbo Coyote

King of the Street 2013 - The Twelve

850 RWHP Paul's Automotive runs on Brisk RR12S - since on Brisk 3x new track record

PAE Nasa AIX Championship Race Road Atlanta 2014

MMR Racing - Ecoboost plug RR10S in their World fastest Coyote (now running in 6 sec. range)
MMR Racing - Modular World record holder (over 3,100 Hp) running on Brisk heat range 08 as well as the World's fastest GT500

DSS Racing Forum Brisk Racing
Modular Motorsports 1-877-MOD-POWR

Precision Engineered Modular Engines and Components, WORLD MODULAR RECORD HOLDER 6.02 / 246.89 WORLDS FASTEST GT500 6.84@214.2, , WORLDS FASTEST 5.0 COYOTE 7.02 @ 202,5 speed Record holder-8.99@154
Donnie Bowles - used our plugs for many years, multiple championship wins, at least 3 this year

Google Plus Brisk Racing Spark Plugs
Brisk USA Spark Plugs Photos on Facebook

Mike Murillo - multiple championship wins

Lafawndauhs Track Day Test @ San Antonio Raceway
Mike Murillo's Lafawnduh First Dyno on M1 Meth

Boby Gerthart - NASCAR ARCA 3 Daytona wins with Brisk Plugs

Brisk Google Plus Bobby Gerhart Images
Auto123 Subaru Impreza N2010 Specification
SVT Performance 2014 Championship title