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Brisk Extra Turbo Racing DR15TC-1 Spark Plug

Brisk Extra Turbo Racing DR15TC-1 Spark Plug
Brisk Extra Turbo Racing DR15TC-1 Spark Plug
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DR15TC-1 Brisk Racing Spark Plugs Extra Turbo Supercharged

Brisk SKU  -  DR15TC-1


  • Thread Diameter 14mm

  • Thread Reach 19mm-3/4"

  • Hexagon 16mm-5/8"

  • Seat Type Gasket

  • Design Triple Ground Electrode

  • Resistor Yes

  • Projected Yes

  • Heat Range   15

Brisk DR15TC-1 Replaces:


Brisk Extra Turbo Racing Spark Plugs are 'hard core' twin or tri earth electrode design with a silver core giving an outstanding performance in igniting over reach mixture in turbo and supercharged tuned performance engines. 

The earth electrodes are machined as one piece from the main body giving the DS range a high resistance to vibrations, pressures and temperatures  in the combustion chambers associated with high boost modified engines.

 The core electrode is made of silver metal and is the best material for a spark plugs, it can dissipate heat fast, resulting in overall lower spark plug temperature and more powerful spark reducing the chance of pre-ignition.

Use of specially designed ceramic insulator around the core, prolongs life span, increases reliability and reduces side arcing even at very rich mixtures. High dielectric strength and superior heat dissipation helps prevent spark plug damage due to thermal shock.

The stronger the spark the faster and better the flame front, couple this to the multi earth electrode design and the dependents on a homogeneous mixture needed to be found around specific point, as it is the case on single earth, hook electrode. is not required. 

Our DS range works well with most aftermarket and OEM ignition systems form simple coil and distributor through electronic ignition and powerful direct ignition systems found on modern port and direct injection performance engines. In some instances an upgrade to the ignition coil should be made to maximize benefits of racing plugs. 



  • Increases engine power.

  • Reduces chance of misfire or arcing. 

  • Discharge at richest mixture point.

  • Highly durable and reliable.

  • Silver center electrode, best thermal (heat) & electrical conductor.

  • Resistant to high heat, vibrations and pressure.


  • Supercharged and Turbo engines.

  • Endurance engines.

  • Tuned cars.

  • Unleaded fuel cars.

  • Racing engines.

  • Alternative fuel cars.

Service Life

  • 20 000 km or 12 000 miles.

  • 50 hours racing.


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